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The Principles of Organic Vegetable Gardening

The Principles of Organic Vegetable Gardening
Are getting more farmers in gardens because it's cost-effective, and have the potential to produce almost the same organic vegetable crop production. You can do this at home, but first, you have to understand the principles of organic vegetable cultivation.

Organic vegetable gardening first, and do not use any chemical fertilizers, pesticides or food. Nature is your partner here because you will use two things to make it all work: sunlight and water. We do not produce this ourselves but you have to find the perfect and the provision of adequate sanitation.

Apart from the Sun and water, can help grow crops using the compost pile of leftovers, Garden compost, leaf mold, compost chipped bark. You can mix this all together and then spread this your garden.

Are many people through manure. You don't have to scoop this toilet because that is sold in stores. If you have a dog, put on some gloves and put it there. Chicken is also great to have. Just let them roam in the garden.

Some people use dead animals or meat products. You do not put this in the soil but leave it for a few weeks in the Trash because maggots will appear soon, and that's what I've used to help fertilize your lawn.

Another useful is a creature of the earthworm it digs deep into the Earth and soil brought various minerals to the surface which also provides better exchange iratis. This pink long and leaves the colored creature that experts say casting behind five times rich in nitrogen phosphorus and potassium. Again, this can be purchased from the store of gardening.

Organic garden is a challenge since you have to deal with unwanted guests. Some of these pests, cockroaches, moth larvae, molluscs and Roma squash bugs. Before, people used fertilizers to kill them but within the membership, is the best weapon of the frog are known to eat over almost every kind of insect. If you have larvae or spiders lurking in the garden, get a bird because this is not in the frog diet.

In some cases, you don't have to buy a frog or a pet shop. May come in your House as long as you set the ideal environment for them. You put up a bird house or a small pond. Within days, you will have some new passenger protect your garden.

Include other insect killers that can get to do this task, Mantis and Ladybug victim as they mark their territory and eat anything that dares enter their domain.

Plants can also be used to protect your vegetables. For example, Rosemary, Sage or thyme deterrent is effective against butterflies. Meanwhile plush effective against nematodes.

But despite all the flowers and nature's creatures, crop rotation is the best way to maintain soil fertility. If you are laying this type of vegetables for this season, with another and change back to first after this one is harvested.

The principles behind organic gardening is very simple. All you need to have exercise where you can harvest the vegetables planted several weeks ago.
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